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Join BasketBros to experience the top basketball matches of world-famous stars such as Zane Willow, Trey Youth, Step Flurry, and so on. Players control the character to compete with opponents within a certain period of time. After time runs out, the side that wins more points will become the winner. Gamers can track time and scores on the display panel in the upper corner of the main screen.

BasketBros has two forms of participation: single-player and two-player. Besides, it has three game modes: normal match, tournament, and practice mode. In addition to the tournament mode, where you need to win to continue, the remaining two modes have an infinite number of rounds.

Analogous sport-themed games

How To Play

  • UP arrow: jump up
  • LEFT arrow: move to the left of the arena.
  • RIGHT arrow: move to the right of the screen.
  • Double-press the UP arrow or use Spacebar to make a shot.
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