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Atari Breakout

If you are a big fan of classic arcade games, don’t miss out on Atari Breakout, the updated version of the timeless Breakout game. Keep the ball going up and down while hitting the blocks with your paddle, and discover super-useful power-ups as you progress!

Atari Breakout provides additional features to modernize the classic Breakout game. This includes choosing between three difficulties before your game begins. The higher the difficulty, the faster the ball’s speed and the greater the rewards. In addition, some broken blocks will drop power-ups, such as spawning multiple balls, elongating the paddle, or giving you a pair of laser shooters on your paddle! Try your best to destroy every block on the screen to progress to the next level!

How To Play

Launch the ball by clicking the left mouse button and moving the mouse to control the paddle. Hit all blocks with your ball, and don’t let it slip past your paddle!

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