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Skiing Fred

Join Fred, a brave little boy, on an exciting journey in Skiing Fred. Skiing Fred is a thrilling sports game set in a snowy, chaotic environment. Your task is to guide Fred and help him ski as far as possible while avoiding all the obstacles in his path.

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How To Play

Fred finds himself being pursued by Grimmy, a death god, on a snow-covered mountain. Can you assist Fred in escaping from Grimmy? Take control of the little boy and navigate through the slopes, being cautious of obstacles such as barriers, snowballs, meteors, penguins, and more. Colliding with any of these obstacles will end the game, so make sure to either jump or move left and right to dodge them. 

Another way to stay in the game is by collecting berries scattered along the way. These berries act as a revival mechanism, allowing you to continue skiing after a collision. Additionally, try to collect as many coins as you can. You can spend these coins in the shop to unlock new characters, gear, boosters, and worlds.

Game Controls

  • Space: Jump or activate turbo speed
  • Arrow keys: Move left or right
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