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Google Baseball

In Google Baseball, players get the chance to have their own team of baseball players who are as skilled as they are tasty! Originally made to celebrate Independence Day in the USA, the game incorporates two main ideas: baseball, the sport that is loved by many Americans, and the classic summertime snacks during the baseball matches as the players!

Google Baseball features simple controls, but players may be surprised by unexpected movements of the ball. The game begins once the player makes his first swing. After that, the opposing pitcher will throw a ball, and your job is to determine the best time to swing the bat. If you do that perfectly, you may even score a home run! However, the pitcher is not without a trick, since he has different ways to throw the ball. From curved balls, zig-zagged balls, and ultra-fast balls, pay attention to his hat color and swing your bat accordingly!

How To Play

To make a player swing the bat, click on the button.


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