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Tiny Fishing

Draw your line and catch as many fish as possible with Tiny Fishing! Find the best time to release your hook into the water and move it around to hook the fish with the best value. Use the money from catching fish to upgrade different aspects of the game! Do you have what it takes to catch the rarest fish?

Tiny Fishing features simple yet addictive gameplay. The game begins with players hooking their first fish, which gives them money based on the fish’s value. At first, you can only hook three fish at a time, but you can increase the maximum number of fish with your money. In addition, to discover more kinds of fish, you can upgrade the maximum depth. Or better, raise the offline earnings so you can come back to the game with plenty of money!

How To Play

Click the button to release the fishing hook into the water, and drag it to slide the hook to the left and right in order to catch as many fish as possible.


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