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Bad Egg

The zombie apocalypse is coming, infecting every chicken in Bad Egg! Take on the role of a well-armed egg as he sets out to cut down the army of zombie chickens and find the safe path out of this place! Take down the chickens, collect golden eggs to level up, upgrade your skills, and survive until the chopper picks you up!

Bad Egg features fast-paced gameplay with roguelike elements. In this game, all players have to do is take control of the egg, and he will attack automatically. The golden eggs are not just for leveling up; they can also be used to acquire permanent power-ups! This includes speed increases, better bullet power, or access to other weapons. Take down enemies and fulfill different requirements to unlock the rest of the eggy cast. Survive long enough and find hidden items to begin your survival in different places!

How To Play

Control the egg with the arrow keys.


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