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Monkey Mart

Manage your own little fruit market with Monkey Mart, a cute and engaging management game that puts players in the shoes of a diligent little monkey! Grow your own crops, put the produce on the shelf, and take care of all the tasks yourself! If you are too busy, you can also hire another monkey worker!

Monkey Mart features adorable and vibrant graphics accompanied by enjoyable gameplay! In this game, players can start their own market and supply it with fresh produce. As a monkey, the first product is bananas, but you will unlock other types of products as you progress! To make things even more enjoyable, all you have to do is move the monkey around, and he will do all the tasks automatically, from investing in crops to standing behind the cashier! Hire more workers to help you manage, and let’s make Monkey Mart the best place to shop!

How To Play

Control your monkey with the WASD or arrow keys.

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