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Vampire: No Survivors

If you love Vampire Survivor, try out Vampire: No Survivors to see what it is like to take on the role of your enemy! In this game, your role is to keep the coffins safe against the relentless pursuit of greedy bounty hunters by summoning a horde of minions. However, just like in the original game, there is no single appearance of vampires in this game either!

Vampire: No Survivors features extremely challenging and strategic gameplay. Players begin by spawning bats, the weakest minions, to fight against the incoming enemies. With each minion defeated, you will receive a sort of currency to summon stronger minions, such as ghosts, minoraurs, and so on. Open chests upon defeating enemies to upgrade the skills of your minions or unlock stronger ones!

How To Play

  • To select the minions to summon, hold the right mouse button.
  • To spawn the minions, click or hold the left mouse button.

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