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Truck Loader

Load cargo like a pro with Truck Loader! Take control of the forklift and use the crane carefully to push boxes of different sizes and shapes into the truck! To make things a bit easier, there is a magnet in the crane to lift the boxes easily! Overcome challenges and load all the cargo on the truck as quickly as you can!

Truck Loader incorporates driving and puzzle elements, enhancing the overall gameplay. The first level will instruct players on how to solve the challenges in order to place the boxes on the truck. As players progress, new elements will be introduced, making the puzzle more and more complex. After the boxes are placed in the right places, players will need to move the forklift away so the truck can depart. With 24 levels available, you will have plenty of fun with Truck Loader!

How To Play

Control the forklift with the WASD keys, and use the mouse cursor to move the crane. Click the left mouse button to use the magnet on the crane.


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