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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a simple competitive game in which players take control of tanks and shoot out missiles to eliminate others. However, this game has unique twists: the battle takes place inside a maze, and the missiles can bounce inside the walls! Be careful not to be hit by your own bullets, and try your best to take down other players as quickly as you can!

Tank Trouble features simple and intuitive controls. Players can choose to compete against the CPU or play with friends. When the battle begins, players can move inside the maze to avoid the attacks of others and utilize the bouncing missiles to take down opponents by surprise. Make use of power-ups inside the maze and emerge victorious!

How To Play

  • Player 1: Drive with the WASD keys and shoot with the Q key.
  • Player 2: Drive with the arrow keys and shoot with the spacebar.
  • Player 3: Drive by moving the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.


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