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Among Us

Among Us puts players in a rather perilous situation: you and other people called Crewmates are stuck inside a spaceship in outer space. To make things more difficult, there is at least one creature known as the Imposter that wants to eliminate everyone on board at all costs! Work alongside others to repair the spaceship while being vigilant at all times! Or, if you are the Imposter, try your best to take down everyone on board without anyone suspecting!

Among Us is currently one of the best multiplayer games to play if you love games revolving around deduction and survival. At the beginning of each session, players will be sorted randomly into two groups: Crewmates and Imposters. The role of Crewmates is to survive and repair the spaceship, while the role of Imposters is to eliminate all Crewmates in secret. Try your best to survive in this thrilling multiplayer game!


How To Play

Control your character with the WASD keys. Click to interact with the game.


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