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Spacebar Clicker

Click all your stress and worries away with Spacebar Clicker, a simple yet addictive game that does exactly like its name! Click on the spacebar to generate more hit points. Invest in different kinds of upgrades to receive even more points per second!

Spacebar Clicker, just like other incremental clicker games, requires players to mash their buttons at first. After a while, it is possible to purchase updates, most of which will press the spacebar for you! Some give you 3 hits per second, while others can give you around 25,000 hits per second! Continue investing in the upgrades to discover even better ones, and challenge yourself to generate as many hits per second as possible! Will you be able to make as many as 100,000,000 spacebar hits per second?

How To Play

Click on the virtual spacebar or press on your keyboard’s spacebar to generate hit points. Use these points to acquire more upgrades.

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