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Jingle Jetpack

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Jingle Jetpack! In this game, you'll experience a thrilling bird's-eye-view journey. A young scientist has created a powerful jetpack that allows you to fly at high speeds, making it a convenient transportation solution for people.

You'll embark on a celebratory flight wearing a Santa Claus-inspired inventor outfit. But don't get too comfortable, as numerous obstacles await you along the way. You'll need to maneuver through moving lasers, missiles, electric traps, and other dangerous objects.

How To Play

Your objective is to collect as many gold coins and bonuses as possible. Gold coins can be used to unlock new characters, while bonuses will assist you in dealing with hazardous sections of the course and more. For instance, the magnet will attract coins towards you, the heart will provide extra lives, and the shield will protect you from collisions with dangers.

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