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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a game where you collect items by cutting the rope that hangs a floating candy. Gamers' task is to interrupt these strings so that the candy can reach the stars placed in different positions. You are recognized as winning the game when the little frog eats the candy.

Each round in Cut the Rope will be laid out with increasing difficulty. Note that the rope will move slowly from the moment it is cut. Additionally, sometimes the candy will fall into the bubble and fly up. At this point, you need to burst the bubble to make the entity fall.

Some comparable collecting games

Games that collect items to complete missions are challenges for strategy masters. If you are passionate about this genre, you can explore some games like World's Hardest GameFireboy and Watergirl the series, and so on.

How To Play

Gamers use holding down the mouse and moving a horizontal line across the rope like a cutting action to interrupt them. Besides, click on the bubble to break it.

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