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World’s Hardest Game

If you are confident in your gaming skills, don’t hesitate to try out World’s Hardest Game! The name of the game itself boasts extremely difficult gameplay, and for good reasons. Your mission is simple: get the red square to the other green part of the level without touching any blue obstacles. However, after just one playthrough, you will realize how difficult it is to avoid the obstacles!

World’s Hardest Game features extremely simple controls and premise in return for its extreme difficulty. Passing through the obstacles safely requires extreme precision, and there is not much room for error. Furthermore, as players progress, more and more challenging levels will be waiting for them. However, with each of them complete, the feeling of relief and satisfaction is immeasurable!

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How To Play

Control the red square with your WASD or arrow keys. Avoid the blue obstacles and collect all the yellow balls before reaching the green zone to complete the level.

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