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Tanuki Sunset

In Tanuki Sunset, players get the chance to be mesmerized by the vibrant sunset view while listening to the upbeat synthpop songs! Take control of a raccoon and help him find the best drip as he glides on the busy street with a skateboard!

Tanuki Sunset is the perfect game for when you want to relax and lighten your mood. The premises of the game may sound like a fever dream, but the aesthetics are absolutely on point! Take control of the skateboarding raccoon and show off your best stunts, including corner drifting or narrowly avoiding the incoming car! Collect as many floating tapes on the streets as possible for the best reward!

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How To Play

  • Control the skateboard with the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • Drift with the spacebar.
  • Pause the game with the Esc key.
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