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T-Rex Run 3D

T-Rex Run 3D is an obstacle course game where the main object will run on an endless path. The image of a dinosaur created from computer graphics running on a road without a destination will be an interesting experience for your free time. Gamers' task is to control the character to avoid all obstacles that appear on the way.

You will lose in T-Rex Run 3D when the character hits an obstacle on the road. Gamers are not limited to playing, so please feel free to challenge yourself with this lovely game!

Other obstacle course games

Unlimited races allow you to try many different types of battles. If you want to find more games with these routes, you can consider some like Super Falling Fred, X Trench Run, House of Hazards, and so on.

How To Play

The main entity in T-Rex Run 3D will automatically move straight. You need to navigate the object to jump up or down to avoid the barrier, specifically:

  • UP arrow: to jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: to bend down.
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