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Super Falling Fred

Super Falling Fred is a thrilling arcade game in which players control Fred and keep him from hitting any obstacles while falling endlessly.

Get ready for the stuff of nightmares: falling endlessly while avoiding obstacles! Meet Fred, the unfortunate lad who always has a knack for getting into dangerous situations. In Super Falling Fred, he is always falling down, from the super-high places to the deep center of the earth. Collect coins to acquire more useful skills, unlock other characters, and use amazing power-ups to keep Fred falling for as long as possible!

Super Falling Fred is one of the latest installments in the Fred game series. The game features a bit of gore, 3D graphics, funky music, and realistic falling physics to give you the best experience. The player’s role is to keep Fred from colliding with any obstacles while falling endlessly. These obstacles include venting fans, protruding pipes, hazard signs (seriously, though, who put that here?), and so much more for you to discover! Have fun and take extra precautions so Fred won’t get hit in the head!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the falling direction of Fred.
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