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Going Balls

Going Balls is a fun 3D arcade game where you roll a metal ball along a wooden track. Some parts of the track have guardrails to keep you on course, but others don't. Your objective is to collect coins and guide the ball to the finish line without falling into the abyss.

Tips to Win

Unlike many other endless running ball games, you can change direction and roll backward in Going Balls. If you miss any coins or keys, you can turn around and go back to collect them, which will improve your score. You can use either a trackpad or a mouse to play. Combining swiping with the downward arrow key will give you better control over the ball.

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If you're interested in similar games, you might enjoy Ball Rush. It's a fast-paced racing game where you control a glowing ball on neon tracks. Your goal is to collect gems while avoiding obstacles.

How To Play

To play, swipe your screen or press the arrow keys to roll the ball along the floating wooden track. Each swipe or keystroke will move the ball a little, so keep swiping or tapping to maintain speed.

Collect coins to unlock new balls and grab keys to unlock treasure chests. Look out for gray tiles and floating metal balls—they act as checkpoints. If you activate a checkpoint, you can resume the game from that point if you happen to fall off the track.

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