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Skibidi Toilet Mayhem

Skibidi Toilet Mayhem is a shooting game that targets targets that are deformed entities. With a first-person perspective, players can see an arm holding a gun on the screen. This is the main object for you to control in battle. Gamers' mission is to maneuver the gun aiming to destroy the entire Skibidi Toilet army.

Skibidi Toilet Mayhem has ten levels of play and is unlocked one at a time as gamers complete the previous round. Each round will have a different number of required enemies. Players can track the location on the map in the upper left corner and the number of remaining opponents is displayed on the right side of the main screen.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow key to move the main entity.
  • Use the mouse to look around and ngắm bắn.
  • Click the mouse to shoot.

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