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If you love simple and intuitive games, don’t miss out on Recoil! Take control of a tiny guy with a gun too big for his size and use it to do more than just take down enemies! Use the recoil from the gun to turn around, jump past dangerous spikes, and ultimately shoot down all the nasty pink viruses to complete the level!

Recoil features 100 levels with clever puzzles, giving you plenty of time to have fun and enjoy the unusual controls. As all players can do is shoot with the gun, they will need to think creatively about how to solve puzzles and get past dangerous obstacles. In each level, the main goal is to eliminate all the viruses. However, as players progress, they will soon find out that they will need to do extra work to even reach the viruses, such as propelling the character to move within the shooting range! 

How To Play

Click on the screen to shoot.


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