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Scrap Time

Scrap Time is a battle game between armored vehicles on a battlefield with many other machines. Your task is to direct the attack to the object and stay as long as possible. There are no limitations in the destination of this game. More and more opponents will appear and you need to continuously issue control commands for the entity to collect items and attack enemies.

Some support tools players can collect include: ammo chests, protective equipment, weapon upgrades, etc. In addition, the attractive point of the game is that there is a lava terrain right below the stage. Players can control the main object and push opponents down there without wasting bullets. Don't worry, your entity won't be able to fall into the lava. The game is over only when the object runs out of power or is passively attacked from sudden bomb waves.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse: to direct the main object and shoot.
  • Spacebar: to move (note that the entity will move straight in the direction of the mouse pointer).

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