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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is an exciting multiplayer .io FPS game in which you become an egg and defeat other egg players with a variety of weapons.

Think (and act) like an egg in Shell Shockers, a multiplayer .io FPS game in which players compete against others as heavily-armed eggs! Bust other eggs with a variety of weapons while preventing yourself from being on another’s gunpoint, and be the last one standing. Be an eggcellent player!

Shell Shockers features a fast-paced and exciting gameplay, which takes a hilarious twist on the typical FPS multiplayer games. While players still use guns to knock others down, they can find the weapons’ names to be quite fitting for mass-eggstruction: EggK-47, Free Ranger, Scrambler, and so on. There is no brutal animation after being defeated; instead, the players become cracked eggs with bursting yolks! Otherwise, the game still retains all the exciting features normally found on an FPS game. To be the last one standing, you will need a keen eye, quick hand reflexes and timely reactions. Try out every game mode and be the ultimate Shell Shockers player!

How To Play

Shell Shockers has a first-person viewpoint. The controls are listed below:

  • WASD: Move your character.
  • Space bar: Jump.
  • Left mouse button: Shoot.
  • Shift key: Zoom/aim.
  • “R” key: Reload.
  • “E” key: Switch weapons.
  • “F” key: Execute melee attack.
  • “Q” key: Throw a grenade.
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