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Santa Run

Santa Run is a marvelous item-collecting running game on an endless track. Players control a Santa Claus who overcomes barriers and brings back as many gift boxes as possible. Besides, sometimes there will be abilities to support the character such as high jump, fast running, gold magnet, etc.

Each map with different barrier positions will be changed continuously through each turn. Gamers are free to play again freely with Santa Run. Additionally, you can track your current score in the top middle section of the game's home screen.

Explore the comparable collecting items games

Cat Runner, T-Rex Run 3D, X Trench Run, etc. It will be interesting entertainment if you are passionate about obstacle games and collecting items on unlimited paths. Get your game on right away!

How To Play

  • UP arrow: to jump up.
  • DOWN arrow: to bend down.
  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.
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