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Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2 is fast-paced and full of constantly-emerging obstacles. This is an extra version of the hugely famous game Flappy Bird, which attracts millions of players all over the world. Players control a blackbird in the game that has to fly over a succession of obstacles placed closer together in sewer pipes. You can fly your bird avatar indefinitely, but you will lose if it crashes into a sewage pipe or the upper or lower limit lines.

In Flappy Bird 2, there is just one main character and one game mode. The sewers will also seem to be connected, and the maze is different at every turn.

How To Play

Players maneuver the bird by using the UP keys or a mouse click to allow it to flap its wings in order to avoid obstacles.

Other side-scrolling games

You are an adept one-button game controller who can overcome challenges one after another. Play more side-scrolling games straight away, such as Flappy Bird, Geo Dash 2, and others, if Flappy Bird hasn't satisfied your hunger yet.

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