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Flappy Bird

Millions of players worldwide are drawn to one of the most played games, Flappy Bird. In this game, players take control of a yellow bird that must fly past obstacles placed ingeniously within sewer pipes. You can fly your Flappy Bird avatar in an infinite loop, but if it hits a sewage pipe or the top or lower limit lines, it will plummet, and you will lose.

There is just one game mode and one primary character in Flappy Bird. In addition, the maze is unique at every turn, and the sewers will appear to be connected.

How To Play

To let your bird flap its wings to overcome obstacles, gamers use a mouse click or UP keys to maneuver.

Other side-scrolling games

You can go over obstacles one after another and are a proficient one-button game controller. If you still can't get enough of Flappy Bird, try your hand at some additional side-scrolling titles like Dinosaur GameGeo Dash 2, and others right away.

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