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Diggy puts players in the role of a hard-working miner with appearances resembling the famous yellow Minion. It is his life quest to make it to the center of the Earth, but in order to get there safely, he will need to find a mysterious mushroom! Help him dig deep underground and discover what the earth has to offer!

If you love a relaxing game with incremental upgrades, you should not miss out on Diggy! Players begin with a humble drill that can only get to places with limited depth before running out of battery. When that happens, the day is over, and you will have to start again the next day. After each attempt, you can save up coins to upgrade to better equipment, such as stronger drillers, batteries with longer duration, and a more effective radar!

How To Play

Control the miner with the WASD or arrow keys. To dig, click the left mouse button in the direction you want him to dig. Scan the area nearby for resources with the E key.

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