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Asteroids Game

Get ready for a trip down memory lane with Asteroids Game! This timeless arcade game puts players in the middle of space that is full of stray asteroids! Take control of the spaceship and shoot them down before they can destroy it!

Asteroids Game takes inspiration from the original arcade game titled “Asteroids”. This game was extremely popular in the 1980s and was one of the major hits during the golden age of arcade games. Just like the original version, Asteroids Game retains the core gameplay, such as the asteroids breaking into smaller pieces once shot or the occasional visits of hostile UFOs. In addition, the spaceship can move around and warp into a random location as well. Challenge your shooting and maneuvering skills with Asteroids Game!

How To Play

Steer the spaceship with the arrow keys, and go forward with the up arrow key.

  • Press the spacebar to shoot.
  • Press the Shift key to teleport to a random location.

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