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To The Core

To The Core is an exciting mining game where you can upgrade your equipment. Strap into your driller and embark on a journey to the center of a mysterious alien planet. Interstellar travel is incredible, but you need fuel to venture beyond your solar system. That's the challenge you and your crew face, and you've come up with a solution: a drill sent to the nearest planet. Your mission begins now as you aim to collect as many resources as possible!

How To Play

To navigate through the soil, use either the A and D keys or the arrow keys. Keep in mind that your drill isn't invincible, and you have limited energy reserves. Collect gems to enhance your drill's capabilities, but avoid rocks as they can damage your vehicle. If your batteries or health run out, your drill will come to a halt.

Visit the in-game shop to purchase upgrades that will enhance your abilities. By earning achievements, you can unlock more powerful parts, so strive to collect them all! As you descend deeper into the planet, you'll encounter more valuable gems and face increasingly dangerous challenges. Do your best to travel as far as possible and continuously upgrade your vehicle to reach the core!

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