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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. is an exciting journey across Mario's home planet, the Mushroom Kingdom. The main character in this story needs to conquer all of King Turtle Bowser's obstacles. The challenges will include a wide range of topics, including flowers, mushrooms, turtles, and so on. Along the journey, your character will also acquire talents; use them to your advantage to defeat adversaries in the most cunning manner possible.

Super Mario Bros. is a game that promises to take players on the most amazing adventures with its original plot and gameplay modes. Assist Mario in saving Princess Toadstool to win the kingdom of the mushrooms.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys: UP - jump; RIGHT - go right; LEFT - go left.
  • Use the Shift or Ctrl keys: to fire or sprint (when you receive this power).

Exciting adventures have a great grip on your interest. Play games like Super Mario Classic, various Mario game series, Ringo Starfish, and more to discover fascinating journeys and take on additional challenges. 

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