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Stickman Slope

Join Stickman Slope, an exciting running race with a spooky boy! Control the boy and run as far as you can while collecting red gems.

Daily Missions

The game has many simple daily missions for you to complete. You can easily finish them without any help. If you complete the missions, you'll earn a lot of coins.

Game Controls

To control the game, use the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the character to the left or right. Press the up arrow key to make the character jump, and press the down arrow key to make the character slide down.

How To Play

In this game, guide the boy through the streets of the city. Your goal is to run as far as possible and get the highest score. Be careful! There are dangerous obstacles like garbage cans, barriers, and traffic cones in your way. If you hit them, you'll lose a life. You only have 3 lives, so if you crash into obstacles three times, the game is over. 

Control the character to jump, slide, or move left or right to avoid the obstacles. Also, collect power-ups along the way. There are three types: Magnet, x2, and Invincible. The Magnet makes you automatically collect gems on the road. The x2 doubles the number of coins you earn. The Invincible power-up protects you from obstacles. But remember, these power-ups only last for a limited time. Apart from running, collecting red gems is an important mission. Try to collect as many as you can.

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