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Slope Extra

Welcome to Slope Extra, an amazing game where you'll encounter different obstacles on ramps. Sometimes you'll need to move to the right or left to avoid them. You'll also have to jump over barriers and overcome challenges. The goal is to roll the ball as far as possible without hitting any obstacles. Be careful as you navigate through the narrow city!

You control a rolling ball on a mission. The ball keeps getting faster as you try to travel the longest distance without any collisions. There are a total of 30 missions in the game. Each mission requires you to travel 1000 meters and use your stay power twice. Completing these missions will earn you "X" points. Your score is based on the distance you've covered. The higher your "X" score, the more points you'll receive.

In the game's store menu, you'll find 16 different balls that you can purchase with the blue diamonds you earn while playing. The ball you choose will also appear on the leaderboard. Who has the coolest ball to show off?

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the ball. Move it left or right to avoid obstacles.

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