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Skibidi Survival Challenge

The most adventurous players are tested in the survival game Skibidi Survival Challenge by the horrifying opponent designs. The gameplay revolves around ferocious assaults and amazing chases. There is an army of deadly adversaries here, and their goal is to murder everyone who moves or draws their notice. In one minute, players must maneuver a stickman to the finish line covertly. You will lose and your character will be instantly shot to death if the enemy finds out.

For access to the next round, players must fulfill the tasks at each level. You will get some bonuses to shop in the game's homepage store after finishing each level.

Other analogous survival games

Skibidi Toilet: Shooter, Whiteout Survival, Justfall, and many other games with the same features are waiting for you to explore with shocking survival challenges.

How To Play

In Skibidi Survival Challenge, the stickman is controlled by the left mouse button. To move the main character, hold down the mouse button; to stop the creature, remove your finger.

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