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Can’t get enough of Tetris? Try out Sandtrix, a unique game based on the iconic block puzzle game, but with an interesting twist: when a block touches the ground, it turns into sand and spills all over the place! Since you can’t make a straight line of blocks, the only way to clear them up is to have interconnected sand patches of the same color extend between the two sides of the screen!

Sandtrix features graphics similar to those of old-school games, with pixel aesthetics and colorful blocks. There are three different game modes for you to choose from, each of which has three difficulty levels. While playing the game, players can see the upcoming shape and color of the next brick, so they can plan carefully. Try out a few games to get used to the controls, and strive for the best score with Sandtrix!

How To Play

When a block appears on the screen, move it with the left and right arrow keys, and rotate it with the up arrow key. Hold the down arrow key to make the block fall faster.


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