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Prepare yourself for a chilling horror experience in Phasmophobia, a ghost-hunting game. Your objective is to search for paranormal activity, gather evidence of ghostly presence, and use specialized equipment to identify the lurking spirits. Beware; danger is always lurking nearby!

Game Controls

  • Move: Use the WASD keys to navigate.
  • Turn On/Off Device: Left-click your mouse (LCM).
  • Use Device: Left-click your mouse (LCM).
  • Action: Press the "E" key.
  • Open/Close Book: Press the "I" key.
  • Throw Device: Press the "R" key.
  • Install Device: Press the "F" key.
  • Switch Inventory: Use the number keys 1, 2, and 3.
  • Review: Move your mouse.
  • Pause: Press the "Escape" key.

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