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Pacman's straightforward style and clear graphics from the original game appeal to a lot of players who enjoy the challenge of winning battles. To gather every item in the maze, players will maneuver the yellow object around it. However, ghosts will be manipulating the maze to prevent you from winning, so it won't be simple.

Once you have gathered every object and are safe from these animated foes, you can only take part in the following round. Moreover, there are sometimes fruits that may be eaten to raise your score, and you can also raise your score by eating ghosts that are paralyzed.

How To Play

The primary character in Pacman will move on its own. The character cannot be stopped or made to go more quickly by you. All you have to do is move Pacman in these four fundamental directions:

  • UP arrow: to go up
  • DOWN arrow: to go down
  • LEFT arrow: go left
  • RIGHT arrow: go right

Similar games

If you are an ardent enthusiast of vintage video games, let’s consider exploring all of the Pacman game series, especially Pacman 30th Anniversary and others.

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