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Mob Control

Get ready to engage in thrilling battles between your and your opponent’s crowds of people and capture their bases as quickly as you can! Use the cannon to launch the people past the gates that can multiply their number, push back the opponent’s people, and take their bases as your own! How many people can you spawn at a time?

Mob Control features simple and addictive gameplay that only requires one button to play. Your main objective in this game is to spawn as many blue-colored people as you can. To do that, you will have to find the right way and timing to shoot the people past the gates with the highest multipliers. These gates may be stationary at first, but as players progress, they may move around, making it much harder to pass through. Push back the red crowd from your opponent, take their bases, and steal their resources to build your own castles! 

How To Play

Drag and hold the left mouse button to direct the cannon and launch people.

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