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Metal Slug Advance

Metal Slug Advance is an exciting run and gun game filled with action-packed side-scrolling shooting. Join your favorite Metal Slug characters in a game that offers two new mechanics and features for an even more thrilling experience!

In this Game Boy Advance (GBA) version of the popular Metal Slug franchise, you'll embark on five intense missions. The game introduces a health mechanic, adding a touch of RPG arcade vibes, and e-cards that enhance your character's abilities. It's worth noting that this special version doesn't include Marco and Rossi as playable characters. To keep the fight going, collect food items that restore your health.


Metal Slug Advance consists of five missions. The first four missions are pretty straightforward, but the Final Mission is different. In the Final Mission, you'll encounter multiple routes to choose from, adding some variety to the gameplay.

During the Final Mission, there is a special card that you can collect. This card unlocks the Dungeon, which is like a maze-like cave. Inside the Dungeon, you'll find twenty-five prisoners waiting to be rescued. Additionally, certain cards you collect can clear blocked paths in Mission 1 and Mission 3, allowing you to access new areas and secrets.

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