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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a stunning balancing driving game with challenging rough terrain. Gamers' task is to control the character to drive the vehicle as far as possible. This game has horror elements when the entity's body parts can fly far away and points are calculated based on the mark of the furthest piece.

Happy Wheels has many featured levels corresponding to different terrains such as Renaissance Ravager, Mountain Swings, The Secret Code, Speed ​​Bridge, and others. Additionally, each form has a different main character. Gamers can refer to the sample game round of each mode in the "view level replayers" section in the lower right corner of the main screen.

How To Play

  • Getaway ShootoutUse the arrow keys to move forward, reverse, and lean.
  • Spacebar: main action (up to each main character).
  • Z key: eject the vehicle.

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