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Geometry Dash World

Venture into a blocky world full of unexpected obstacles with Geometry Dash World! The game puts players in the role of a small character as it tries to progress from one level to the next and reach the other side of the islands! Once again, utilize your superb jumping skills and try your best to complete all the levels without colliding into any obstacles!

Geometry Dash World features simple yet addictive gameplay. The game is divided into two main islands: Dashlands and Toxic Factory, each of which contains five brand new levels with their own soundtracks. However, unlike the classic Geometry Dash games, players will need to complete a level in Normal mode before the next one is available for access. Show off your maneuvering skills and try your best to complete the last level as quickly as possible!

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How To Play

Control the character by clicking on the screen with your left mouse button.


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