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Fall Beans

In the game Fall Beans, adorable beans compete to be the last one standing in the top 10. Controlling a primary bean will allow players to take part in the round's tasks. There will be a new game rule for each round, such as matching, racing, etc. To advance to the following round, you must manipulate your character to finish the tasks in the top 10 of each round.

There are no instructions in Fall Beans, and players must restart from the first round each time they lose. Find out the regulations for each round quickly. The round is over once the top 10 are known. On the other hand, you will lose and have to start again if your character is not at its best.

How To Play

For the main character to operate in the maps of Fall Beans, players use the arrow keys to direct movement:

  • UP arrow: move forward.
  • DOWN arrow: run reverse.
  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.

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