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Drift Hunters

Hone your drifting skills with Drift Hunters! In this game, players can have plenty of fun experimenting behind the steering wheels to practice one skill only: car drifting! Steer your car with style in order to receive cash, which can be used to acquire more cool-looking cars!

In Drift Hunters, players have a wide range of tracks to choose from, such as spacious playgrounds to practice on for the ultimate drifting experience or tons of racetracks for those who want to go on a race. Apart from the exciting race, Drift Hunters features a number of customizations for your car. This includes different types of cars; enhancing features such as brakes, turbos, engines, and so on; tuning the wheels; and changing the color of the cars. Continue to practice your drifting and be the best drifter out there with Drift Hunters!

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How To Play

Control the car with the WASD or arrow keys.

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