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CPS Test

Get ready for CPS Test, also known as click test, a fun game where you can challenge yourself to achieve the highest clicks per second score and even break other players' records. The game is all about the frequency of clicks within a specific time unit. The faster you click, the higher your score will be. 

How To Play

To start the game, simply click on the designated clicking pad area labeled "Click Here to Start Playing." Once you've clicked the button, rapidly click with your mouse as fast as you can within the given timeframe. A timer above the clicking pad will show you how much time has passed. When the time runs out, your final score will be displayed, indicating your CPS score or the number of clicks per second you achieved!

By default, the game is set to 5 seconds, but you can choose from other time options in the right sidebar menu. These include clicks per 10 seconds, clicks per 15 seconds, clicks per 30 seconds, clicks per 60 seconds (1 minute), and the ultimate challenge of clicks per 100 seconds.

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