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Color Road

Color Road is a fast reaction game where you control a colorful ball and try to achieve a high score. The game has a vibrant and balanced interface that gives players a visually pleasing experience. It's easy to navigate and offers a good balance between simplicity and challenge.

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How To Play

In this game, you race along a track and need to pay attention to the color of your ball. Your goal is to go as far as possible. Each time you jump over an obstacle, the color of your ball changes. It's important to only touch the balls on the track that match your ball's color. If you touch the wrong color, the game is over. Some balls on the track can also move from left to right, so you need to aim carefully. Occasionally, there are gates that you must pass through.

As you progress in the game, it becomes more challenging. The balls move around, and you have to constantly switch colors to match them. The further you go, the faster your ball becomes. There will be consecutive jumps, so you need to closely watch the color of your ball. Along the way, you can also collect coins.

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