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Among Dash

Among Dash is set in the world of Among Us, but the role is completely reversed! Instead of the Imposters threatening the survival of the Crewmates, now it is the latter that want to chase after the Imposter! Take on the role of the lone Imposter and see how far you will be able to advance!

Among Dash is an exciting and thrilling endless runner game that draws inspiration from both Among Us and Geometry Dash. However, the obstacles in this world are much more dangerous than you can ever expect! From the electrified barber fences to the toxic puddle, one wrong step, and the Imposter will lose his life! Challenge yourself to see how far you can escape from the Crewmates in Among Dash!

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How To Play

  • Take control of the Imposter with the left mouse button.
  • Hold the left mouse button to jump consecutively.
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